Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bobbi Kristina Confirms Engagement, Aunt Has These Choice Words

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown's daughter Bobbi Kristina confirms the rumors that she is indeed engaged! Krissy, as she's called,  has been rocking a sapphire ring {on her engagement finger} reminiscent of the late Princess Diana's given to her by Nick Gordon.  The problem?  Whitney raised Gordon alongside Krissy as brother and sister. (O.O) 
The Houston family, who has a show that will be aired on Lifetime- The Houstons: On Our Own, is less than pleased.  Krissy's aunt and Whitney's manager Pat Houston had this to say, "They think they know it all, they think they know about relationships.  You just have to be there to navigate and guide them".  She goes on to say, "You have to hope that their feelings won't get hurt but they will".
I have to agree with the aunt. Krissy sit your ass down somewhere,  take some time to focus on the grieving process and find somebody that isn't a family member.  This is the type of sh!t that made Pat, and grandmother Cissy Houston file a motion to move back the release date of the money willed to her by Whitney.  Krissy is just too young to make such major decisions in the light of the tragic passing of her mother.  #IJS What say you?

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