Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hair Is A Girl's Best Friend!

It takes a special kind of free spirited, daring lady to rock the bleach blonde. This color screams look at me honey, I'm here in all of my glory! Not all of us can pull it off well but all of us can at least try the look and see where we stand. I've seen some fearless women out there who choose black bundles and command the same attention, ahem, if not more....than their blonde counterparts. It's all in the presentation baby. Trust me.

(Model is wearing Mayvenn bundles, distributed by Pretty Girl Hair Factory. You can get the look by clicking here.)
The key is to not over do the color to the point where your complexion is washed out. It's also important to use hair care products that will not dull the shine of the hair and will keep the color conditioned and illustrious. Keep in mind, just because you did not grow the hair yourself, it is still key to keep the hair clean. Washing the hair before the initial install and every two weeks thereafter, will preserve the quality of your bundles.
The woman in the picture above is blonde doing it right! Her makeup is minimal, nude almost, careful not to overpower her face and overall look. For a more in-depth look at the 100% virgin bundles/closures that Pretty Girl Hair Collection offers, check out their site directly at: Pretty Girl Hair Factory can also be found on Facebook & Instagram. (Click on the highlighted text to go to their profiles.)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pretty Girl Hair Factory- 100% Virgin Hair (Malaysian, Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian)

It's time to get your hair done and you want the best quality bundles at the most cost effective prices but  don't know what brand of hair to get. The market is over saturated, there are so many choices out there, and the other women you ask for help are hush hush. No one wants to share their secrets, too afraid that you will find out that they didn't really pay $500 per bundle.'s one secret that won't be kept for too long. There are in fact hair distributors out that with stellar product that do not cost an arm and a leg. The trick? You will never see them on shelves in your local beauty supply stores.

Get the look! Nia is wearing Peruvian straight.

Beauty supply stores tend to ridiculously jack up the prices of their hair.  Mind you, the quality of most in-store bundles are mediocre at best, to make you believe that what you are buying is better because of the price. It's simply not true. The main objective is to make an extremely high profit from unknowing customers who in turn purchase the bundles, become dissatisfied with the results, and end up stuck with poor quality hair.

We've found the solution-Pretty Girl Hair Factory. PGHF has quality bundles of 100% virgin Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Brazilian hair for the same prices licensed hairstylists enjoy. The hair literally sheds less, last longer, and get this.....has free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee!!! You've nothing to lose but time, time you'll sit debating while others are making executive decisions to look beautiful with no real strain to their pocketbooks. Check out their site. It's hip, modern, classy-just like you are.

If you're media savvy, like Pretty Girl Hair Factory on Facebook & follow them on Instagram Pretty Girl Hair Factory.

**Click on the highlighted text to take you directly to their pages

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Taraji P. Henson & Son Attend D.C. Event (Photo)

(Photo credit Getty)

Actress Taraji P. Henson and her only child, an 18 year old son named Marcel, attended festivities in DC over this Martin Luther King/Inauguration weekend. The event was hosted by ELLE, Google, and The Center Of American Progress

Taraji made headlines last year when she announced that she'd be making her son sit out his first year of college so that he could get a job. The single mother says that she wanted him to know that even though he's privileged, it's hard out here to get a job and maintain your own. She didn't want her son to be out of touch with reality.

Looks like she is holding true to her word, and helping him along the way with life experience. Kudos to the actress for staying grounded and raising her son the right way!

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NeNe & Gregg Leakes Party At West Hollywood Strip Club (Photos)

(Photo credit

Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes seems to be taking the West Coast by storm! She and ex-husband also new fiance, Gregg Leakes relocated from Atlanta to LA to film for her recurring role on the television show The New Normal.

 The Georgia Peach seems to be transitioning nicely, she and Gregg hit the Cake Factory, a strip club located in West Hollywood. Here are a few pics from their night:

NeNe and a party goer.....looks like he's business from the neck up, party from the neck down. #Work

NeNe hamming it up for the camera and a stylish Gregg, with noticeably darker hair & a great new smile {background} 

NeNe Leakes has taken her role on RHOA and extended her proverbial 15 minutes of fame into a full fledged career. She's back with her husband and is celebrating her first grandchild, Bri'Asia from her eldest son Bryson. The Glam Ma seems happier than ever! Looks like she's having her cake and eating it too, we ain't mad at her! Bloop.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shawty Lo Starts His Own Petition For The 'Chance' To Air "Babies Mamas"

(Photo credit

Atlanta, Georgia rapper Shawty Lo recently made headlines for having 11 children by 10 different women. The Oxygen Network took an interest in his story and decided to offer him a reality show centered around him and his brood. They named the show "All My Babies Mamas". 

The show, which was cancelled before it was even aired, released a 13 minute trailer that interviewed the rapper and all 10 of his babies mamas. It gave insight into their personal lives and how their extremely blended family co-exists.

The trailer caused an outrage with people everywhere. Some calling the show coonery, believing it to take the African American race back hundreds of years. Shawty begs to differ....

The rapper argues that "A man is supposed to take care of his children, and the mother (s), weather it be singular or plural." {Verbatim quotes from his official petition} He says that "Everyone has a past, especially in hip-hop, however how many take the reins and put their life in motion for change?" Shawty wanted to know three more things, "So here's the question, would you rather see 11 children struggle with mothers on welfare? Or watch a man support his children? Does it come down to the race card?"

Good points Shawty....the race card one not so much. It was our own culture that found disgrace in what they thought your show represented. Personally, I was looking forward to watching it! Lmao. I don't know if it's serious enough to sign a petition for it though. To each his own. 

The petition that cancelled the show before it aired had over 37,000 signatures. Shawty's has less than a thousand but is growing steadily. Both petitions can be found on

Shawty Lo's "All My Babies Mamas" Trailer (Video)

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kris Kross To Perform 20th Anniversary Concert (Photo)

You probably grew up listening to Atlanta rap duo Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly and Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith. The act was first introduced to us by Jermaine Dupri of So So Def record label, they called themselves Kris Kross.

These little boys {at the time} changed the rap game and made us all jump, while starting the trend of wearing not only hats, but clothes to the back at the same      damn      time.

Kris Kross is mainly known for their hit songs "Jump" and "Warm It Up". They also had a starring feature in Micheal Jackson's video for Jam {per my 7 year old son who's a ride or die MJ fan}.

The act is reuniting for a 20th Anniversary Tour of So So Def artists. As of now there is no word on the other confirmed acts. So So Def was also home to Jagged Edge, Da Brat, Jermaine Dupri himself and many other talented performers. Should make for a nice tour.

Is that a show you'd like to attend or do you find the group to be wiggedey, wiggedey, wiggedey wack?

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Friday, January 11, 2013

"Superhead" Karrine Steffans Shows Off Her New Tattoo Dedicated To Lil Wayne (Photos)

(Photo credit The Jasmine Brand)

It's no secret how Super Head feels about her some Lil Wayne. The two have been maintaining a sexual relationship {if nothing else} for over 6 years now and Karrine Steffans has been less than mum on the word.

Like most celebrities she's taken to her Twitter account on many occasion to let the world know just how she felt about Tunechi. You get up to the minute reports on when she's madly in love with the rap star and, when she's lamenting over something he's done or said.

This time, she's in love again. She commemorated her love for the rapper by tatting the numbers 5 and 6 on her neck. She didn't come out and say it but, it is a known fact that the Lil one is only about 5 feet, 6 inches tall. 

Could that be the symbolism behind the numbers? Word on the streets is that it is! Hmmmm......

Here's the finished product of her ode to Lil Wayne:

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Beach Bums: Beyonce & Blue Ivy Take On The Bahamas

 (Photo credit Tumblr)

A couple of days ago daddy, Jay-Z, shared a pic of his & Beyonce's darling baby girl Blue Ivy inside of a Bahamian villa overlooking the beach. The darkened photo gave a glimpse of tiny Blue but not enough light to make out distinct features of her baby face.

Beyonce, making good of her word to also keep the baby's images down to a select few, shared this mommy/daughter moment of the two soaking up the sun in the beautiful Bahamas islands.

I don't know how long they will be able to keep up the charade of not showing the baby's face but, after a year's time, they've certainly done a damn good job!

Jay-Z Shares Photo Of Blue Ivy Vacationing In The Bahamas

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In Case You Missed It: Kenya Moore Of RHOA NEW SINGLE-Gone With The Wind Fabulous (Audio)

(Photo credit

The man thirsty single lady of Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Kenya Moore, is doing the Miss USA crown yet another injustice!

In addition to "threatening the authenticity of the brand" {quoted by NeNe Leakes}, by moving to Atlanta with 'fake boyfriend' Walter Jackson, just to get on the show, she's now trying her 40 something year old hands at becoming America's next pop star. (O.o)

If you've been following the show, you've seen the drama between Moore and cast mate Porsha Stewart. During a heated argument between the two, Moore stormed away. Not before declaring dramatically that she was "Gone With The Wind Fabulous".

Some one must have told her that that was cute. She's now released a single of the same name {Gone With The Wind Fabulous}. It premiered last night on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live. Here's the audio:

"I Played Of Kenya's Boyfriend For My 15 Minutes Of Fame"-Walter Jackson (Audio)

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jay-Z Shares Photo Of Blue Ivy Vacationing In The Bahamas

Little Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of superstar parents Jay-Z and Beyonce', turned 1 on January 7th. The multi-million dollar baby brought in her big day on the sandy beaches of the Bahamas.

The Carter's have been very private concerning their daughter, releasing very few pics of the diva-in- training. Jay-Z must've felt this moment to be a particularly sweet one, as he shared this darkened pic of his baby girl. He captioned it simply, "Last day of vacation playing, Uno".

Looks like lil Miss Carter is having a good ole time bending up those cards and tossing them about the room like one year olds do! Lol. By the way she's positioned on the table, she looks fearless. The kind of fearless that comes with the confidence of being able to walk!

We've never seen the baby on her feet, and at 1 year old she just might be taking steps! Hmmm...guess we'll just have to wait until the next time Jay & Bey are open to sharing more details.

Beyonce Set To Perform At President Obama's 2nd Inauguration (Details)

Beyonce' Graces Cover Of GQ Magazine As 1 of 100 Sexiest Women Of The 21st Century

Beyonce' Shows Blue Ivy's Beautiful Face At NYC Jeweler (Photo)

Beach Bums: Beyonce & Blue Ivy Take On The Bahamas (Photo)

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Beyonce' Set To Perform At President Obama's 2nd Inauguration

Superstar singer Beyonce' is on board to perform at President Barack Obama's 2nd Inauguration.

She brought the house to tears during his first inauguration 4 years ago when she sang Etta James' famous hit At Last.

This time around Beyonce' is keeping it more traditional and will give her rendition of the National Anthem.  The inauguration, January 21st, will take place in the West Front of the United States Capitol.

According to PEOPLE magazine, Kelly Clarkson of American Idol fame and folk singer James Taylor will perform as well. They'll sing "My Country 'Tis Of Thee" and "America The Beautiful", respectively.

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Jay-Z Shares Photo Of Blue Ivy Vacationing In The Bahamas (Photo)

Beyonce' Graces Cover Of GQ Magazine As 1 of 100 Sexiest Women Of The 21st Century

Beyonce' & Jay-Z Raise 4MIL In Support Of Obama's Campaign (Details)

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rumor Alert: Rapper Eminem Has Been Born Again As A Christian (Photo)

(Photo credit

Word on the internet streets is that Detroit rapper Eminem is hanging up his controversial lyrics/lifestyle and turning his life over to God as a born again Christian. According to an insider for the Christian Post, the rapper has "removed himself from the depths of the music industry and will no longer be conforming to what the business expects of him". 

Em has also been given the moniker of a "Christian Warrior" back in 2011 by the website ChristWire, who gave the rapper accolades for his Chrysler commercial during the Super Bowl XLVI. In an article written on the site by August Weisz, the rapper has supposedly "risen through the blackness that surrounded him. He is truly a Christian hero".

Alright now Em! It's if true, good for you for taking your faith into consideration and your huge influence just might bring fans to Christ. If it isn't, so what- there's been worse things said about the rapper. This type of publicity just goes to show that all publicity doesn't have to be negative. 

Keep in mind that it was also reported that the rapper has an album slated for release this year. Could 2013 be the year of the gospel gansta? Lol. Guess we'll just have to keep our eyes peeled and ears open to find out! Bless his heart.

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T.I. & Tiny Grace The February Cover Of EBONY Magazine (Photo)

(Photo credit Ebony Magazine)

Power couple rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris grace the cover of EBONY Magazine's February issue. Looking beautiful and in love, as always, the couple gives insight on how they make things work in a relationship that's so often scrutinized in the public eye.

T.I. is quoted as saying, " Once I made my mind up that I was going to be committed to this relationship, I started being married then and there....Since I've been married, it's the same relationship, we're the same people. We treat each other the same way, and we're just as happy now as we were before".

You know what? They look happy! Clearly, that man loves his wife and family and Tiny has proven herself as a true ride or die chick. They both accept the others children from previous relationships as their own, and make their beautiful blended family work.

You never hear about any drama between the two, or one bad mouthing the other. As Bishop TD Jakes states, in the same issue, "Don't let other people design a marriage you can't live with. Keep other people out your business". Well, the Bishop has spoken honey, and sounds like words to live by. We wish them nothing but continued success in their marriage and business endeavors.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lil Wayne Show's Off New Forehead Tatt (Photo)

(Photo credit

For whatever reason, the Lil one continues to keep wreaking havoc on that poor face of his! His latest art piece is simply the word BAKED. It's the logo of a skateboarding company named Baker

Hell, he looks half-baked on this pic....SMDH. Oh well, I still love me some Lil Wayne, with his weird ass. (O.o)

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Breaking News!: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Expecting! (Video)

 Kanye West, whose known for not keeping a secret,  made the announcement to his concert goers Sunday night in Atlantic City and E! News has confirmed with the Kardashian family that Kim is indeed pregnant! Here's Yeezy beaming with pride as he addresses the crowd:
According to E!, Kim is around 12 weeks along and the entire family couldn't be happier.  The couples' high profile friends took to Twitter to  congratulate them. Including baby sis Khole', who'd apparently been dying to let the cat out of the bag.  

Awww, you already know that the baby's gonna be a lil doll! Hopefully, they won't be stingy like Jay-Z and Beyonce' are with Blue and we'll see the little one grow up. What a great way to bring in the new year. Congrats to them both!

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Rapper Trinidad James Being Sued By "Martin" Creator For Impersonating "Jerome" (Hilarious Must See Video)

Atlanta, Georgia based rapper Trinidad James, who has the hit song All Gold Everything, is facing a 5 million dollar lawsuit! Apparently, the rapper has been accused of jacking the swagger of the hit sitcom "Martin"s character Jerome.

According to numerous reports, the creator of the show Gerald Levin, was beyond pissed when he found out that James was cashing in on the persona and had these choice words to say-“Nobody’s that unattractive in real life. Gold chains, gold rings, and rotten teeth, that’s Jerome!! …Martin created that”. LMAO

If that wasn't bad enough, a hilarious parody of the hit song features the two {Trinidad James & Jerome}....Can't lie, they do look like twins. SMH...Good luck with that one Trinidad James!

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Beyonce's Alter Ego "Baddie Bey" Gets RATCHET (Photos)

 (Photo credit Instagram)

Superstar Beyonce' has been giving her fans a glance into her personal life via Instagram. She goes by the moniker Baddie Bey, another one of her alter egos I'm sure, and gives insight into her person in a way we {the fans} have never seen!

A couple of months back, she debuted her newly chopped bangs and top knot....and gold fangs. Now she's tapping into her ratchet side, rocking gold bamboo hoops that state just that- Ratchet! Maybe she's trying to relate to her fans and let them know that she isn't always the classy, tight-lipped, lady that she's been letting on.......who knows?

Anywho, the hoops are too cute and from the financial status of the diva-you know damn well that those beautiful loafers cost too much money to even be in the same picture as those earrings. Lol.

Here she is rocking her jewelry with a snap back and colorful get-up that is anything but ratchet. You already know what the next biggest trend will be for the year 2013. Baddie Bey started that....

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Exclusive: Amber Rose Releases 1st Pic Of Her & Wiz Khalifa's Baby! (Photo)

 (Photo credit Instagram)

Amber Rose posted this cute lil pic of her and fiance' Wiz Khalifa's baby boy to her Instagram account. She captioned the pic "Our Lil #Wizbud singing in the womb Lol he might be an entertainer like Daddy ;-)".

With two parents who love the spotlight as much as model mom and rapper dad, it's very possible that he just might be! Congrats to the couple on their lil Wizbud!

Phaedra & Apollo Nida Are Expecting Baby #2!

"Laura Winslow" Of Hit Show Family Matters Releases Pics Of Her Beautiful Family! 

Rapper Shawty Lo & His 10 Baby Mama's Get Reality Show On Oxygen (Video)

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Weekly WrapUp: Rapper Shawty Lo & His 10 Baby Mama's Get Reality Show On Oxygen (Video)

 (Photo credit

Carlos Walker, 36,  better known as rapper Shawty Lo has a new reality show coming out on the Oxygen network called All My Babies Mamas. Shawty just happens to have eleven children by ten different women in the Atlanta, Georgia area and has decided to let the cameras follow him and the crew around- plus 19 year old girlfriend Ashlin.

The ten women get together at least once a month with their brood for a good ole time with whom his "1st lady baby mama" E'creia, calls the black Hugh Hefner {Shawty}. The nicknames don't stop there, as for the other baby mamas-there's the jealous one, the wannabe be bourgeoisie one, shady one, the one from hell, and the list goes on.

The internet is in a frenzy about this one honey! Twitter is going all the way in on poor Shawty....who low key-doesn't look poor at all. Check out the clip below, each and every one of his children are in the picture, acknowledged and taken care of.  That's more than you can say for some of these daddies honey, and they don't even have eleven kids. Plus, all of the different personalities and situations within a situation makes for excellent t.v......I'll be watching!

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Brandy & Boyfriend Ryan Press Get Engaged! (Photo)

 (Photo credit
Brandy Norwood, the 33 year old actress/singer is tying the knot with music executive boyfriend, Ryan Press. The couple has been dating for the past 2 years and they reported exclusively to PEOPLE Magazine that Ryan popped the big question on Christmas Day in front of Brandy's close family/friends. Well, you know the rest- she said yes!

Brandy, 33, is mother to ten year old daughter Sy'rai from a previous relationship. She and Ryan have no children together. Remember some time ago, when Brandy had a short lived reality show with her 'husband'? Well, the actress has since come clean that she was never married and this will actually be her first marriage.

They make a beautiful couple and have been quoted as saying that they are "happy and thrilled" about their upcoming nuptials (no date has been confirmed at this time). Congrats to them both!

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