Thursday, August 23, 2012

Celeb Sighting>>> Kim Kardashian Channels Her Inner Black Woman

Kim K posted this pic to her Facebook account today, she captioned it 'Afro Chic'- a style she says she loves. Kim was involved in what she calls a 'fun shoot' with video director extraordinaire Hype Williams. In said shoot, Kanye West's lady said she channelled none other than Miss Diana Ross. #OkayThenKim
Ironically, she puts me in the mind of Beyonce with her hair like this, and with so much bronzer on. Clearly Kanye has a huge influence on the reality star, it reflects in her style evolution. Do you love this look or do you think she's doing too much?
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  1. I like the natural hair, but not all that makeup..

  2. I like her hair too, it's pretty & different for her.......the makeup isn't flattering for her complexion.