Friday, August 24, 2012

Model/Stripper Amber Priddy-Chad Johnson's Jumpoff, Revealed

According to Radar online, Atlanta based stripper slash model Amber Priddy was one of many mistresses that Chad Johnson had during his ridiculously short marriage to Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada.

An inside source claims that Chad was 'seeing' the young lady and allegedly paying her $2000 monthly rent and flying her back and forth from Atlanta to Miami.
Formerly Black Men Magazine's Model of the year, the stripper has recently  been evicted from her apartment as Mr. Johnson has other financial responsibilities at this time (0.0).......She took to her Twitter account, begging for 'help' moving.

Smdh, this man just can't catch a damn break to save his life can he? I'm certainly NO advocate for domestic violence BUT we weren't in the car that fateful night & don't know what the hell really happened between him & Lozada.

It's unfortunate for all involved parties, looks like many homes were broken as a result of that head butt. #BlessEmAll

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