Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hair Is A Girl's Best Friend!

It takes a special kind of free spirited, daring lady to rock the bleach blonde. This color screams look at me honey, I'm here in all of my glory! Not all of us can pull it off well but all of us can at least try the look and see where we stand. I've seen some fearless women out there who choose black bundles and command the same attention, ahem, if not more....than their blonde counterparts. It's all in the presentation baby. Trust me.

(Model is wearing Mayvenn bundles, distributed by Pretty Girl Hair Factory. You can get the look by clicking here.)
The key is to not over do the color to the point where your complexion is washed out. It's also important to use hair care products that will not dull the shine of the hair and will keep the color conditioned and illustrious. Keep in mind, just because you did not grow the hair yourself, it is still key to keep the hair clean. Washing the hair before the initial install and every two weeks thereafter, will preserve the quality of your bundles.
The woman in the picture above is blonde doing it right! Her makeup is minimal, nude almost, careful not to overpower her face and overall look. For a more in-depth look at the 100% virgin bundles/closures that Pretty Girl Hair Collection offers, check out their site directly at: Pretty Girl Hair Factory can also be found on Facebook & Instagram. (Click on the highlighted text to go to their profiles.)

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