Saturday, December 15, 2012

LMAO: Woman Claiming That She's Jay-Z's Sister Interrupts News Report (Embarrassing Video)

 (Jay's actual sisters Annie & Michelle)

During a live breaking news report at Penn Station, an obviously distraught woman strong-armed her way into the camera shouting "I'm Jay-Z's sister, he was looking for me in the subway!" The reporter, who remained a lady about the situation, simply moved her around and kept on reporting. 

 Baby...............ain't no tellin' if the woman depicted in this hilarious viral is indeed one of the two ladies pictured above or not {which I'm sure it's NOT}, but you can't tell her that she's NOT Jay-Z's sister! The real issue is- was she indeed his sister? And if so, why was he looking for her? Oh, maybe because her battery died & the only way she could make contact was to be on the news. (O.o)

Jay......honey......please........#GetYourSister. Lmao
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