Saturday, December 8, 2012

"Daily Game: Trust No One": Ice T On Wife CoCo's Scandalous "Misconduct" (Exclusive Photos))

Ice T is shocked and appalled at the disrespectful behavior that his wife CoCo exhibited with one of her male friends, AP9 of the group Mob Figgas, over the past few days in Vegas-where she currently is the star of a burlesque show ironically called Peep Show.  This morning he took to Twitter, of course, to let the world know how he really felt. Here are his tweets;

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 ICE T@Finallevel

CoCo had a few words to say about the incident herself;

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That's a damn shame how these celebrities feel as though they owe us an explanation on the goings on of their households. They provide up to the minute info on their personal drama & then get pissed when somebody judges them (O.o)....I'll never understand it.

At the same time, I'm glad that I got the goods for you when I did. Ice must've 'rethunk' his stance on the subject and deleted his tweets but left "Daily Game: Trust no one..." before I could even publish this post.  

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