Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Excuse Me Jay, Bey....What's happening?

 Time definitely brings about a change......

Known for their very public yet ultra private relationship, power house couple Sean Carter and Beyonce Knowles are now transitioning into social networking butterflies. The two have finally created and verified accounts on Twitter. Bey (@Beyonce) whose word is currently mum, is  followed by over 3.6 million.  Jay (@S_C_) who simply but accurately describes himself in one word-genuis- isn't tweeting his heart out just yet either, but it is obvious that the glorious birth of the pair's first child Blue Ivy Carter have given the pair reason to break their silence. They've shared the infants first pictures with us and have immortalized Blue's first sounds, like only Jay could. He gave us insight into the devasting miscarriage Beyonce and he suffered from, it reminded us all that stars are human too. But still, don't you just wanna know MORE? It's almost as if the Carter's have pressed the magic button propelling them forward no matter what. His career is still as amazing if not better than it's ever been, and Bey is back to business running the world. Never the ones to sit idle and twiddle their thumbs, I think it'd be interesting to finally have some real insight on their daily living. Guess we'll have to wait and see!

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