Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beautiful Bald Barbie

This is a huge step for the nationally known company as this issue came about when a four year old child who is living with the horrible disease Cancer, expressed that without her hair, she didn't feel like a princess. A fan page on Facebook was created shortly thereafter and accrued in excess of 150,000 likes in regard to the little bald beauty queen's plight. Mattel took notice and decided to move forward with production. They've chosen to distribute them to children's Cancer hospital's in lieu of selling them in the general market, as they are "not trying to profit" off of the dolls.  Head scarves, hats, and wigs accompany the Barbie's as well, so the girls can change up their doll's looks. Kudos to young Genesis for being such a brave girl, hopefully somewhere in the world right at this very moment.....she's back to feeling like a princess.

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