Thursday, April 12, 2012

Having A Moment...

You know something? I'm thankful to God for you. Thanks to your beautiful face the energy that I've put into the universe is returning in a way to me that I would have never imagined.  What's crazy to me is the fact that just about 3 weeks ago, this blog popped into my head, slipped out of my fingertips, and came into fruition...and in that short amount of time, not only have you checked it out, you've returned thousands of times.
I haven't seen your face, but I've definitely felt your energy! 

You have the nerve to have even have supported the ads, causing those that are relevant to the content of the blog to want to have space right here. That's a little bit major to me. They say if you do something you love, you never have to work again in your life. At this very moment, I believe that to be true. I love that you've given your precious time to "Care For Some Tea?" It feels amazing in my spirit.  ~*MUAH*~

I don't know why you haven't commented on the blog posts themselves & mingled amongst each other. It's sweet to see the traffic, but weird to see no interaction. ('.') ( '.') (".") Oh well, good thing I've never minded an audience! Lol, good night/morning to ya....I'll talk with you soon.