Thursday, April 19, 2012

VH1's Basketball Wives Season 4

It's been so much I've been wanting to talk to you about....but I'm experiencing blogger's block! Lol...seriously. I wanted to touch bases with you about everybody wanting to fight Jennifer on BBW's. Those broads are some of the most jealous bunch of "adults" that I have ever seen. I know Jen got a little bit out of pocket with her behavior but damn-she did just go though a messy situation with Eric and got embarrassed on national television. Give her some slack, a real friend would've pulled her to the side and touched bases with her. Instead, they got on camera and got tough trying to lay hands and whatnot. Prime example, Nia, who slapped the bejeesus outta getting sued! SMH. Was it worth it? Now you've lost a friend and money. Get yourself together Nia.  I'm always on the team of the underdog. Period. The one everybody hates is generally the one I love. Why? Because they have enough balls to do something the majority doesn't.....make a decision and stand by it, not giving a damn what anybody has to say. On  the other end of the spectrum, Royce picked herself a good one honey. I don't even care for non-chocolate brothers, but damned if I don't make an exception in his case. Um um umm Royce, don't screw this one up! Evelyn gets NO credibility from me, she is always doing the most. For what? We know she & Chad have a show coming up but, no need to go gangster on us (at damn near 40-who does that?). Tammy, Tammy, Tammy....does she realize one false move made by her and she's "out of the circle"? I'm not sure she does. Her background is totally different from the other ladies, and she has to stroke egos to keep relationships in tact. That's NOT true friendship. Shaunie, who plays innocent so very well has them all thinking that she's their friend. When all the time, she is making the ladies out to be asses and cashing in on the 'friendships'! Suzie, I just can't stand the tongue tied trouble maker. Who is her man today? Why is she even on the show? Oh, help keep up with the petty BS. The other ladies are just fillers, replacements. Who even knows if they will last? Too much! The behavior exhibited by this bunch is not cute. Not cute at all. But guess who will still be watching? Me....guilty as charged. Check your local listing for VH1's Basketball Wives, to stay abreast of the latest drama.

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