Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Maia Campbell's Return To The 'Business"

Daughter of nationally acclaimed author BeBe Moore Campbell, actress Maia Campbell once had it all...she starred in the sitcom In The House alongside LL Cool J and choreographer Debbie Allen. She also made guest appearances on many other sitcoms such as Thea, Moesha, & Sister Sister. Her last movie role was Envy starring Ray J. Following the devastating death of her mother, things started to go south for Campbell.
She suffered from depression and self medicated with a plethora of drugs, Meth being the main offender. It has been said the actress had turned to prostitution in order to support her habit and was exploited on a number of media outlets, namely YouTube, where associates of the one time star posted clips of her drug induced behavior.
Today, Campbell is determined to put her past behind her and start anew. She speaks of working on a book tentatively titled Sagittarius and hopes of working with Tyler Perry on a screen adaptation of one of the novels her mother wrote before her demise. Clearly, Campbell is making a turn around. Let's hope that she commits herself to sobriety and will be taken serious in the future for any upcoming projects. GOOD LUCK MAIA!

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