Sunday, April 15, 2012

Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 1

NeNe Leakes & Cynthia Bailey On Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion

Whew, if you missed it,  the tensions were high on the set of tonight's airing of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta's reunion show!  It started off pretty mild, Kim told us she was 4 months pregnant (at the time of the taping obviously) & that she knew the sex of the baby but wasn't spilling the beans. She spoke on Sweetie for a brief second, and slipped in husband Kroy and their 3. Kandi let us in on her relationship with production assistant to the show, Todd. She let it be known that they had "alot of fun together" during the show's taping in Africa and that they were pursuing a live-in a new house together. Hmm. She looked happy too, her dress was bad as hell-probably sold in her boutique Tags- and she must have changed her hair technician because she finally got it right. She rocked a side swept bang and a pretty genie ponytail, looking age appropriate. Sheree, who is really starting to be a turnoff,  took the time to try and throw Phaedra under the bus again. She was really just pissed because she tried to be slick and undermine Phaedra's position as an attorney-who's been practicing successfully for 13 years-and ended up still on the void end of the check when it came down to her ex-husband providing support for their children. She stumbled and stuttered her way into lie after lie about her non-existent, at the time, home-Chateau Sheree. She went on to say how the contractors were this and the whatever was that, after a few seconds I stopped listening because it all sounded like a lie. Never to be outspoken NeNe, went in on everybody but Cynthia and Phaedra. You already know the ladies had something to say about her coming out of her mouth with the words "I'm very rich, b*tch!". So.....she took that in stride and blasted Sheree's face off every chance she got. She called the non-existent house Sheree sees in her head, Neverland. And asked her repeatedly what her status was at the bank. I thought for a second that she was getting ready to beat the brakes off of her when Sheree went in on her son Bryson for stealing at Walmart. That was the lowest of the low. It was evident that Sheree had no more fuel to add to the fire so she took it there. Never fear, NeNe did not hold her up, she verbally tore her a new one. NeNe also pulled a hater move by not so sneak dissing Kandi's bedroom line. The only one with old money and still getting new, Kandi took the high road. She reminded NeNe how she herself had been a stripper......and pumped her line anyway. Who knows what Cynthia was talking about? I don't even see her place in the show. All in all, the ladies delivered the drama that we all love to see but then get upset about when we are associated with....and I still can't wait to watch happens next on part 2! Check your local listings for Thursday's airing on Bravo.

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