Monday, April 23, 2012

The RHONJ Is Back, With Even MORE Drama!!!

Jacqueline Laurita,Theresa Guidice, Caroline Manzo, Kathy Wakile, & Melissa Gorga of The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Well, well, well....the RHOJ kicked off to a dramatic start last night, don't you think? The ladies brought the heat and surprisingly so did the kids! Gia, daughter of Theresa and "Juicy" Joe Guidice, gave us more insight to the rumors that Juicy was/is indeed CHEATING on Mama T. The very vocal child scolded her daddy like only us daddies girls can, to which he replied to her to "stay out of his business". What business? Last time we checked, he and Theree-as he affectionately calls his wife-were Siamese twins connected at the hip. When did he start to get business of his own? Hmmm. We all know about their past financial woes, and also how Theresa singlehandedly brought the family out of the red and back into the positive by pumping her cook books, appearing on other reality shows and of course, her many public appearances. How noble of her, to say the least. Unfortunately, the fame has gone to her head, causing her to do the most! You know the old saying "s#!t trickles downhill", well, Theresa is a prime example of just that. You always know when there is trouble in paradise because she will go and bash the other ladies, and their families, to big herself up. The problem? They're not having it! Some how, some way, a back bone has snuck into Jacqueline and she's speaking her mind and finally trying to gain control over her children. Caroline, who's usually such a bitch, finally has a valid reason. She's going through the change! Big eyed beauty Kathy, and her sexy, brash, and aggressive husband Richie continue to slip in barbs about the Guidice's yet she always cries crocodile tears during confrontations. When will she learn? Melissa, the show's vixen, and often hated "baby sis" in law to Theresa, seems to have a mature aura about herself. She blows off the nonsense, and always gives Theree another chance. Wouldn't you if you were married to that loving, sexy, not to mention filthy rich brother of hers, Joe? Obviously, Melissa's mama didn't raise a fool and she's acting accordingly! One of the RHOJ tag lines is "happy wife, happy life" saw for yourself who's giving off happy energy and who isn't. Ironically, sad Theresa is the one who paved the way for Melissa & Joe, and Kathy & Richie to even be on the show....where's the gratitude? Check your local listings for the next airing of RHOJ on Bravo to see more of these Jersey wives airing their dirty laundry from the plush privacy of their own homes.

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