Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yung King Reppin' Hard For The Bay Area

I ran across Yung King the artist currently blowing up all over the web (w/over 40,000 followers on Twitter) & had to touch bases with the West Coast's next thing to bubble & pop. Here's our one-on-one:

CFST: Where are you from?
YK: I am from Sacramento, CA but raised in The Bay Area, CA
CFST: When did you get started in this game? 
YK: Started creating music in an actual studio when I was about 13 years old
CFST: Are you signed to an indie label? Do you rep a squad? 
YK: I am currently unsigned and I do not rep a squad
CFST: How old are you? Are you involved?
YK: I am 20 years old and right now I am getting involved with different artists from different states in the US (Ladies, see how he danced around that one! Lol)
CFSTHow would you describe your style? 
YK: I want to be open to every type of individual out there in the world, which is why I am so versatile with my music.
CFST: What makes you the next hottest thing to blow?
YK: What makes me the next hottest thing to blow would be that I have the entire package that an artist should have, such as....being the engineer, writer, beat maker, and vocalist. Many industry artists are not capable of doing that.
CFST: How can we listen to your work?
YK: Potential fans can listen to my music  
CFST: Thanks for your time sweetie.
YK: No problem 

Yung King Doing What He Does Best:

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