Monday, October 29, 2012

Judy's: Derek J & Miss Lawrence Revealed All On Bravo Last Night, Except The Fact That Neither One Of Them Is Licensed To Style Hair

Honey, I don't know whether or not you got to lay eyes on my absolute favorite Judy's last night on Bravo, but if you missed missed out on some tea spilling, a lil shade throwing, and lots of cackling!

First off, you're a damn lie if you say that Miss Lawrence's makeup wasn't beat to the death! He looked like a doll on last night's airing.  He also talked about how Kandi Burruss DID NOT pay up for the song that he recorded for her called 'Closet Freak'. Hmmm.... he says "I ain't seen no money. Ooh, ooh, ooh...don't get quiet on me". Kandi is starting to sound a lil bit like Kim Zolciak isn't she? He also mentioned that there was trouble in paradise between him and Sheree Whitfield. She says that she will always be Sheree's friend, even if Sheree no longer considers him one. (O.o)

Derek J threw me all the way to the left when he mentioned that Phaedra Parks had legal issues with him. While he didn't go into detail, he did say that it was over hair styling. Well, I needed answers and figured that you did too, so I found this out- neither Miss Lawrence nor Derek J is licensed in the state of Georgia to even style hair! Derek J, who is licensed in another state, actually had his license revoked for the past two years and it will not be reinstated until 2013. #Pow. Could that be Phaedra's issue with him? According to, a Miss Sandra Rose confirmed this info to be true.

Licensed or not, I love them both & believe that if they had a spinoff show to RHOA the ratings would do numbers.  What do you think?

(Photo credit Bravo)

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