Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Remembering My Mother...Mrs. Joyce Williams

Mrs. Joyce Williams
Rest In Peace Beautiful

Taking some time out to reflect on and be truly grateful for the bond that my Mama & I shared....thinking about how she passed on the Tuesday before Mother's Day, just like it is today. I'm feeling some kind of way about this & can't begin to explain. As much as it breaks my heart to live this life without her, my spirit is soothed with the thought that she's at a state of calm, serene, paradise. She's in the good company of her first born, my sister Tara...her parents, and all of her siblings. I never remember a time when I saw her down, even while battling pancreatic cancer. She never complained, never asked why me? She just LIVED. I owe it to her to do the exact same thing for my children, they deserve it. I lied when I told myself that I wouldn't cry today, but since when does the brain control the heart? What I will do, is my absolute best to keep a sun shiny disposition. I'm speaking life, bright energy, and love into my day as well as yours. ~MUAH~

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