Monday, June 25, 2012

Celeb Sighting>>> Willow Smith & Her (Hopefully Faux) Tongue Ring

This is the pic that has taken the internet by storm today. This is Will & Jada's baby child Willow, posted with her home girl on some ultra grown type ish. Is it pierced, is it a fake? Who knows. Is it inappropriate? Hell yeah it is! I don't think it's cute to even act as if it is indeed pierced at ELEVEN years old, her parents need to get her lil ass in check.  It's one thing to let your children be free, artsy, fartsy and allow them the space to own themselves but this is damn ridiculous.  Smh.  She's such a cutie pie, but obviously she bares watching (in Grandma Lott's voice).  Um, um, um....get it together boo!

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