Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On That Bullsh!t: The Jacksons

Michael Jackson's siblings plot to 'take' the kids away from his mother Katherine Jackson by breaking into her compound, which forced the cops to be called! Janet & Jermaine went head up in a fist fight and were caught on camera doing so. Latoya couldn't join the fight- she was too busy taking money that she'd packed into huge garbage bags and putting them into a truck. (O.o)

Michael's daughter Paris & his brother Jermaine came for each other on Twitter in a bitter battle of words over Katherine.  Subsequently, she popped up again. She'd gone to Arizona to rest....would could blame her?

(From left-Prince, Paris, Blanket & Katherine Jackson)

Not to mention Randy & Jermaine honey....they both have the same ex-wife, which they both have two kids by, and are asking for Michael's estate to pay for their child support! Well damn! Can one brother have his own anything by himself? Michael Jackson is dead & they still want what he has. 

The man can't even rest peacefully! His estate, worth an estimated billion dollars and growing, was left to his mother and kids. Do you think money is the motivating factor behind all the madness between the family? Shidddd, I do! Humpf. We'll see what happens next....

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