Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Married Atlanta Pastor Arrested For Giving Church Goers HIV After Facebook Hookup

The internet has gone awry with the news about Pastor Craig Lamar Davis giving his church members HIV. According to a slew of reports 2 members pressed charges against the man, one of which started as a Facebook hookup.

 Ronita McAfee, his Facebook lover, made history by filing charges against him for HIV Reckless Behavior. She filed said charges in Clayton County. She made this decision after Davis called her stating that an ex called to inform him that she had the virus. He advised McAfee to go to her doctor to get checked out. He also suggested some over the counter meds that she could take to prevent infection, telling her that "HIV is not a death sentence". (O.o)

The second woman to come forward has chosen to remain anonymous, as she held a leadership position in the same church. Davis eased his way into her panties, giving her the virus after she had been celibate for the past 15 years. The woman told the ordeal to her pastor-Bishop Steven Hall, who in turn sat her down from her position and asked Davis to leave his church.

This is some bullsh!t, for lack of a better word. He should go straight to hell for this foolishness. What do you think about the women who slept with him, obviously unprotected & knowing full well that he is a married man? Did they get what they deserved or were they just victim to the desires of the flesh?

*{It must go on the record that Davis admitted his HIV status to the authorities, stating the he chose to have sex with the women anyway.}

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