Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Celeb Sighting>>> Mimi Faust Of LHHATL Channeling Joseline?

Look at Stevie J's babymama Mimi....she's changed her look. Surprisingly, she looks exactly like the woman who cheated with & stole her man-Joseline Hernandez!
You saw the two go head up on the show over Stevie, hell Joseline was even pregnant by him & let Mimi know about it. The three of them have even undergone counseling together. Yet & still, Stevie chose Joseline.
My question is why in the hell would a woman go so far as to try and look like the mistress that her man left her for? #PureDesperation. At this point, Mimi is making herself out to look like a damn fool & needs to take a seat, regroup and get herself together. She's doing entirely too much.
What's your call?
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