Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sons Of Anarchy Actor Jonathan Kendrick Lewis Found Dead In A Possible Murder/Suicide

The actor who dated pop star Katy Perry in 2006 and once played the character Kip Half Sack Epps- Jonathan Kendrick "Johnny" Lewis - was found dead yesterday in the driveway of a Los Angelos home.  The home belonged to a Ms. Katherine Chabot Davis, 81, who commonly rented out rooms to well established actors and directors.
Police responded to the calls of a "screaming woman" only to find a dead Davis, who may have been killed by blunt trauma to the head and Lewis, who apparently fell or jumped off of the roof to his death.  He is the prime suspect in Davis's murder.
It is unclear at this time the motive of the crime or whether or not Lewis was under the influence of any drugs. #SoSad #RIP to them both!

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