Thursday, September 27, 2012

Young, Gifted & Black: Christopher Batten - The Visual Artist

Art lovers around America should definitely check for artist Christopher Batten (inset, photo courtesy of Ken Anderson). The artist who was born and raised in Detroit, MI, has a set of gifted hands. The passion in each work is apparent as each piece has it's own raw, very real story to tell. Because of his style of painting, he's often been compared to the artists of the Impressionist school.
Batten admits that he fell in love with the arts as a teenager but had been introduced to them as "a very young child of 4 years old by my parents and other artistic family members". The love and support from his family, friends, mentors, and fellow artists all inspire him- along with music. He has a ritual of listening to Jazz before each piece, stating that he always "throws on some Jazz before I get in front of the easel", and that "the liberal nature of the music inspires me to maintain a sense of improvisation in my paintings". 

Care For Some Tea? asked Batten his advice for the up and coming artist, this is what he said; "I would tell an up and coming artist to learn the differences between constructive and destructive criticism-it's worthless and should be disposed of immediately.  I would also encourage them to associate, only, with people who want to see them succeed." #Word
Christopher Batten's pieces have been featured in the Charles H. Wright Museum Of African American History, various exhibits throughout the country and are presently on display at the galleries Artrages and 4731 in Detroit. Visit to see more of his work, make purchases and for more information.

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*piece of Art is: Tranquility #8/ Acrylic on Canvas/ 30"x40"/ copyright 2012

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