Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beyonce Leaves 'Chair Empty' As She Backs Out Of Clint Eastwood's Remake Of A Star Is Born (Video)

Beyonce, who accepted the lead role in Clint Eastwood's remake of the movie A Star Is Born, has backed out as the films leading lady.  The singer/actress originally gushed about being chosen for the role, but according to, she now says that "her schedule is too hectic for her to commit to the project".  To make it plain, she doesn't have time for that sh!t. #Pow

This comes as no surprise as Eastwood recently made an ass of himself speaking incoherent foolishness to an empty chair that was supposed to be representative of president Obama, at the Republican National Convention. Just so happens that Beyonce loves her dear Mr. President- she and husband Jay Z recently held a fundraiser/dinner that pulled in 4 million dollars in support of his {Obama's} re-election.

Now, not only has Bey left Eastwood's proverbial chair empty, he also doesn't have a male lead for the movie either.  #DamnClint, Karma didn't waste any time at all! Good luck on filling those chairs!

-Care For Some Tea?

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