Sunday, October 14, 2012

I's Married Now!: Carlton Banks & Angela Unkrich Made It Official This Weekend

Alfonso Ribeiro (b.k.a. Carlton Banks) got married to writer Angela Unkrich (California) this weekend.  Ribeiro who has a 9 year old from his first marriage, looked like the "happiest man alive" on his wedding day as told to InTouch magazine by his wedding planner Michael Russo.
Angela was more than ecstatic herself, she gushed about her love of the married life on Twitter today, letting the world know just how happy and blessed she is to be his wife. #Awwww

 This is great news considering that the last we heard of him {Ribeiro}, he was dead (0.0).....luckily it was just a cruel internet joke.  Anywho, congrats to the newly married pair we wish them much success!

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