Saturday, November 10, 2012

BBW:LA Stars Draya, Brooke Bailey, Malaysia, Laura & Gloria Govan Model Jackie Christie Designs For NY Fashion Week (Photos)

 Jackie Christie was all smiles backstage at New York Fashion Week as the cast of Basketball Wives:LA strutted their stuff in her designs.  I don't know how she pulled it off......but the entire cast rocked her clothing on the runway, including Brooke Bailey-who fought her earlier in the season & Draya, who butted heads with the diva on the regular. Was it for ratings, or have the ladies mended fences....who knows? Anywho, here they are ripping the runway:

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  1. Are you serious? This was a hot mess. They were the joke of Fashion week. Top Designer's don't even recognize Christie.
    This kitty walk is a great example of how her work is seen,"A Madam dressing her whores for clients." People are really buying into this crazy woman's emotional manipulation.
    See her for what she is,stop listening to what comes out her mouth people.

  2. You know what? I was actually surprised by Jackie's work...while her fabrics could have been of a better quality, I think she actually put thought and her personality into the pieces. I don't believe it was fashion week ready though, by no means. More like a lower end boutique for an average shopper.