Monday, November 19, 2012

Damn: 27 Year Old Woman Gets 5 Years For Knocking The Hell Out Of 70 Year Old Walmart Greeter (Video)

27 year old basic bitch Jaquetta Simmons knocked the living hell out of 70 year old Grace Suozzi.  Suozzi, a greeter at Walmart asked Simmons for her receipt {like she was supposed to}, when Simmons responded with a punch so powerful to the elderly woman's face that she knocked her down to the ground. The woman's {Suozzi} face was also fractured as a result. #Smdh

To add insult to injury, Simmons then fled the Batavia, New York store, trying to literally pull a 'hit and run'. Thankfully, shoppers were courageous enough to surround her car and block her & her man friend's escape until the police arrived at the scene. 

Sadly, lil Ms. Suozzi, quit her job after the incident {could you blame her?} and is now suffering both financially and mentally.  She gave a heart wrenching testimony during her and stupid asses court date, landing Simmons in jail for the next 5 years. Here's the footage.

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