Friday, November 16, 2012

Tattoo It So I Know Its Real: Lil Scrappy Gets President Obama's Face On His Stomach (Photo)

Lil Scrappy is back making headlines, only this time he's not in trouble with the law, beefing with his baby mama Erica, or spotted at the club with a jumpoff.  He's showing off his newly finished body art- a tatt of President Obama's face, smack dab in the middle of a hundred dollar bill......on his stomach. (O.o)

The rapper and cast member of Love & Hip Hop:ATL is taking patriotism to a whole 'nother level with this one.  Whether you love it or hate it {I can't call it at the moment}, he's definitely proud of his president. At the beginning and ending of the day, aren't we all?

(Photo credit Instagram)

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  1. I really like this tattoo. I like this picture. It is a struggle and challenging job to become a tattoo artist. A tattoo artist should love to draw and have the passion in being an artist. The tattoo artist should offer its customers with original designs.

  2. I like think it's just okay....the artwork doesn't blow me away. I respect the artist though because it's clear who the person is in the pic, but I've seen better artwork that depicts faces.