Sunday, December 2, 2012

LMFAO: Katt Williams Slaps The Ish Out Of Target Employee....Then Speeds Away In Electric Shopping Cart (Video)

Katt Williams is back on that ole bullsh!t again.  The stunts that he pulls would be hilarious if they were on the big screen-but this is real life!  Somebody please tell him that he can't go to Target (Woodland, CA) and slap the hell out of the employees and then speed off in an electric shopping cart. (O.o)

 I know he was laughing his ass off on the inside, until the hook rode up on his ass. He is spinning way to the left, watch the incident that was captured by another shopper on his cell phone. The footage is courtesy of  Youtube. Here's the slap & the getaway. I'm literally shaking my head and laughing my ass off...#AtTheSameDamnTime

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