Wednesday, December 19, 2012

TIME Magazine Named President Barack Obama As The Person Of The Year

President Barack Obama has graced the cover of TIME Magazine as the Person Of The Year! It's no secret that the media dissects every little thing that he does.

Then....they hate him.

He in turn, has the audacity to do something extraordinary like- show the world that he is not just our President, but a human being. He's a father, husband,  supporter of women's rights, and sensitive to the daily living conditions of mankind. Not to mention the fact that he's the best damn thing that's dotted the White House's doors.

Then.....they love him again.

Me, I've never stopped. It is because of him, I have personally decided to take more interest in the state of our government and have made myself more politically aware. President Obama made me a believer that my children have as fair a shot as anyone else in this world to become the leader of the nation.

He shines a light of hope, peace and change. I look forward to seeing what the next four years holds. In Barack's voice "Yes We Can".

 (Photo credit TIME Magazine)

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