Friday, December 7, 2012

Freaking But Definitely NOT SNEAKING: Ice T's Wife CoCo Photo'd Booed Up With ANOTHER Rapper....(Photos)

I love me some Ice T & CoCo together, they make such a doll of a couple. From their hit Vh1 show, Ice Loves CoCo, you'd think that nothing or no one could come between the two. 

 Taking into consideration that these shows are edited to show us what they want us to see, one can speculate all day but never really know what's happening behind closed doors. Just so happens that Media Take Out does!  Lmao. Like the saying goes- pictures speak a thousand words.

See what these jaw dropping photos  of the blonde bombshell 'say' to you....CoCo is doing the most with drank in her cup & rapper AP9 from the group Mob Figgas  around her waist. Not to mention plenty of not so 'friendly' kisses being shared amongst the two. Hmmmmm.

Whatever the hell is going on, I hope the marriage can be salvaged but let's face it-while Ice is sexy as hell for his age, ain't no competing with a young man in his prime that!

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