Friday, March 30, 2012

Son Calls 911 After Seeing Parents Being Shot & Killed

Thalia Mook and Tommy Brown of Hoke County, North Carolina, lost their lives right in front of their children on last Saturday.  Brown, concerned that a stray bullet from his neighbors house would hit one of his children while they were playing , asked said neighbor if he'd stop shooting rounds.  Brown returned home and commenced to playing outside with his kids. The neighbor decided to take matters into his own hands and shot Brown in his back killing him instantly. Awestruck, his sons ran to get their mother to let her know what was going on.  Little did they know, as soon as Mook dotted the doorway the neighbor would shoot her too!
One of their sons called the police and gave a detailed report of the nightmare while still checking on his mommy at the same time. He let officials know that Brown was already down and Mook wasn't looking to good.  The son asked her, "mom are you going to die" to which Mook simply replied "I am". The operator then heard the child as he repeatedly asked her not to do that, as she lay dying anyway. The murderer has since been arrested on first degree murder charges. Please pray for the children, as no one deserves to witness such a horrific thing. This is a sad world we're living in, surely these are the last days.

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