Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mary Mary's New Show on We

Sisters, co-hosts, and Grammy award winning Gospel artists Mary Mary (Tina and Erica Campbell) expanded their horizons yet again and have brought their talents to reality t.v. Their show which premiered Thursday night on We gives us insight on the sisters in way we've never seen them before. With six plus children betwixt the duo, the episode also features their stylist/sister GooGoo, high strung manager Mitch, and their cutie pie of a mother.

The sister's struggle to find balance between their high profile professions and making time for their families during the Thanksgiving holiday season. Due for an out of town performance, doting mother Tina cannot bare to leave her children and husband behind. Pregnant (at the time) Erica secretly reached out to her bro-in-law to make arrangements for the family to fly in, in an effort to make her dear sister happy. 

A depressed Tina laying on her hotel bed lamenting, got a knock on her hotel door from her family- instantly breathing life into the Gospel Diva. At the ninth hour before their scheduled performance, Erica started to contract, prompting Tina to tell her they'd cancel the gig. Erica wasn't having it, she found her center and the show went on! They sisters showcased their powerhouse voices in front of their biggest fans (their families) and an equally delighted crowd. No ignorance, no real drama (thus far), just good clean family fun! Tune in next week to see more of the Campbell's.

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