Sunday, April 1, 2012

J. Cole & Diggy Beefin'???

Word on the streets is that Daniel Dwayne "Diggy" Simmons and Jermaine (J.) Cole have beef! J. Cole came for Diggy and his sister Pastry creator/designer Vanessa Simmons in his song titled "Grew Up Fast". Here are the bars -"You ni**gas is not blockbusters, you ni**gas is not Russell. You more Diggy-me I'm more like Biggie" & "What up Vanessa, I loved you that one semester".  Hmmm. Young Diggy couldn't stand it, and needed more clarification from the 'Good Thing' lyricist hence, his comeback track aptly titled- "What You Say To Me?" Is it serious or a stunt to boost sales on both artists projects? If it's a battle for real, who do you think will come out unscathed? Listen to both songs here:
Is the 27 year old, too old to beef to with 17 year old Diggy?

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