Sunday, April 1, 2012

My 1st Celeb Ad On My Blog #Tears

I'm literally in tears because of this screen shot.  Because of the YOU, I saw my very first celebrity advertisement on my blog tonight. Granted, when I refreshed the screen it was gone, lol, I saw this with my very own two. If you are laying eyes on this, I SAY THANK YOU. This means that you took the time to read something that I wrote, and maybe even shared it with your inner circle....causing advertisers to take a look at the content of the blog and based on what they read, made a decision to give "Care For Some Tea?" some #love. I am feeling truly humbled right now. Everybody has to start somewhere, and I am so excited about the possibilities the future holds. Next order of business is to share this with more people like ourselves, and keep writing. Who knows what will happen? Please share with the people in your life and thank you soooooo much for reading!!!

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