Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Celeb Sighting>>> Chris Brown Tatts Beaten Woman On His Neck. Looks JUST Like Rhianna

Um..um..um....it's no telling exactly wtf is going on inside this man's head. For whatever the reasons may be, Chris Brown decided to get a tattoo a few days ago of a woman who had been beaten within an inch of her life on his neck. Sadly, the woman looks exactly like Rhianna after he beat the brakes off of her. #Wtf?
According to reports, he says that the tattoo isn't of her, but damned if it doesn't have an eerie resemblence. #Sick. Who beats the hell out of a woman and then turns around & tattoos her evidence picture on their neck? Obviously Chris Brown....
Does it look like Rhianna to you?
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  1. This is man has bumped his head with this one here wow

  2. Yes he has, he has gone #crazy. It's so sad....