Friday, September 7, 2012

Celeb Sighting>>> Chris Brown & Rhianna Sharing A Kiss At The 2012 MTV VMA's

Chris Brown, famous for his soulful voice, fluid dance moves & for beating the dog sh!t out of Rhianna, is seen sharing a kiss with her at last night's Video Music Awards.
Rhianna showed off her new closely cropped 'do, while the blonde bombshell seemed to have used a little more booster in his color this go round. #Humpf.

Not too long ago RhiRhi cried her heart out to Oprah, professing her undying love for Brown blah, blah, blah & look at them now- #TheyGettingKisses. We've speculated that they were sneaking and freaking on the heels of their nasty lil Birthday Cake song (even though they've both been romantically linked to other people).  Yet & still this kiss sparked a frenzy among fans, some disappointed, some sympathetic....where do you stand?

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