Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nicki Minaj Goes In On Rhianna At 2012 MTV VMA'S

Hmmm.....when did these two start beefing?  Evidently, Nicki didn't appreciate RhiRhi trying to hug her after her song 'Starships' beat Rhianna's jam 'We Found Love', earning her a coveted Moon Man for Best Female Video.
According to lip readers (0.o) & Trishelle of the show The Real World, when Rhianna went in for the hug, Nicki told her to "sit the f$ck down". Owww, say word Nick....that's how you felt? #Smdh
Just like all the major entertainment news, Trishelle broke the story on Twitter.  Below are pics of the ladies at the VMA'S & a screen shot of Trishelle's tweet. We all know both vixens are known for their quick tempers and way with words. Wonder what comeback will Rhianna have for Ms. Minaj, you can't tell me that she's gonna sleep on that one.
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