Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rhianna Gets Drunk & Hurls In Las Vegas Club (Photo)

Looks like little Miss Bad Ass Rhi Rhi has a helluva time controlling her liquor. According to reports, the singer went out partying in a hot spot in Vegas and commenced to throwing up into a napkin while she was still dancing.  An unidentified man who was with her was gracious enough to hand her a towel to clean up the smelly mess.
She didn't stop there though, she got into a drunken tirade with a male patron at the club where authorities were forced to step in. After all of that drama, she still hung like wet clothes until about 5:30 in the morning and capped off her night/morning at a strip club.  Um, recoup time huh Rhi?  I know that breath was banging and since there is no way to puke like a lady, I wonder how her outfit held up.  Rhianna, #HaveASeat honey, you are doing thee absolute most!

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