Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bullied Teen Jumps In Front Of Staten Island Train

15 year old Staten Island teen Felecia Garcia, jumped in front of the train at the Huguenot Staten Island Railway while her friends looked on in horror.  Garcia, who had been the victim of bullying, was crying her heart out when she decided to end it all. She later died at Staten Island University Hospital.
Garcia tweeted just this past Monday,"I can't. I'm done. I give up.". A friend of hers who chose to remain anonymous, said that she had been tormented by the football team.  Another friend, Alissa Compitello, told authorities that she {Garcia} wouldn't have ended her life had she not been bullied.
Sadly, her little sister-Gabriella Leone,  was also witness to the horrific ordeal. She added that "she had a terrible life on top of all the headache" that "bullies at school had taunted her and spread rumors. I hope all bullies get punished!".
The teen was crying for help online leading up to the suicide, she even posted a pic to her Instagram with the word 'depressed' over her eyes.  She captioned the photo, "Just because someone is smiling doesn't make them happy".
This is a damn shame, kids can be so cruel. Unfortunately our youth are paying the price for being bullied by ending their lives.  Let's hope that Felecia Garcia's life wasn't lived in vain, that someone who is being a bully will stop their ways by reading her story. Rest In Peace Felecia, God knows you deserve it.

(Photo courtesy of Twitter)

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