Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Deadly Shooting Inside Creflo Dollar's World Changers Church International

According to numerous reports at around 10:30 this Wednesday morning, a deadly shooting took place inside of Creflo Dollar's World Changers Church International in College Park, Georgia. Dollar himself wasn't present at the church but 20-25 parishioners were there holding their weekly Wednesday bible study.
Fulton County police spokeswoman Kay Lester says that "He went in, walked in calmly, opened fire inside of the church and left as calmly as he came". He, who has been identified by Lester as a suspect, is Floyd Palmer.

Palmer is a former parishioner who, due to personal reasons, left World Changers back in August. The victim hasn't been identified at this time but, was described as a 39 year old volunteer.  The volunteer was actually leading prayer when the shots rang out, no one was struck but said volunteer. They rushed the volunteer to the hospital were he was declared in critical condition, later to be pronounced dead.
Palmer is still on the lam and at the time of this report has not been taken into custody.
This is so sad, we're praying for the family of the victim and the fellow parishioners who were there to witness such a horrific  ordeal.

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