Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You Going To Jail Now!: RTA Driver & Passenger Mugshots Released To The Public (Photo)

Here are the mugshots of RTA bus driver Artis Hughes and passenger Shidea Lane.  Hughes uppercut the hell out of Shidea, knocking her & her ponytail clean off of 'his' bus after she started talking reckless, putting her hands on, and even spit on him- while he was operating the bus.

Shidea, who was caught initiating the attack on Hughes by another passenger's cellphone video, has yet to admit to any wrongdoing at all.  Ironically she screamed to Hughes "You going to jail now!", looks like she was halfway right.  The two of them have been charged with misdemeanors.  They are scheduled to appear at Shaker Heights Municipal Court on November 6th of this year.

The whole situation is unfortunate as Hughes has lost his job over the situation. I don't advocate for domestic violence but, she truly needed her ass beat for antagonizing that man while he was driving all of those people to their destinations. While she was allegedly hitting and spitting on him he could have lost control over the bus and accidentally killed some or all of them!

Let's hope that justice is served and Hughes is still employable, as for Lane....I bet she thinks twice about being on that BS the next time she rides the RTA.

(Mugshot courtesy of globalgrind.com)

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  1. " You going to Jail now!!!" LMAO This was funny!!!
    I hope he doesn't lose his job over this....

    - Raw 10 Productions | Rap Beats

  2. Lmao, she needed her ass beat though! I hope he doesn't either, he acted on reflex LOL.