Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pimp Down: Katt Williams Gets Hemmed Up By The LAPD (Video)

Damn, Katt Williams is back in the public eye......for some bullsh!t. According to TMZ & E! News the comedian was detained by the LAPD last night for beefing with an unknown man in the parking lot of hotspot Supperclub. 
Apparently, the men got into a heated argument that led to blows being thrown. Somehow it was discovered that Williams had a gun on him. The police were then called in to pull the situation back together.  Williams said that "this was the 3rd mistake that {they} made in 6 months" and was released with no charges filed against him.  TMZ caught up with the comedian and this is what he had to say.
 Um, word on whether or not he was under the influence of anything at the time but, he looks like life has been cruel to him.  Hopefully, the next news we hear about him will be pleasant.
(Photo courtesy of Google)

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