Thursday, December 13, 2012

Racist: RHOA's Kim Zolciak Call The Rest Of The Cast "Nigg@'s"! (Video)

Okay, so we all know that every since Kim Zolciak has been with her new husband, who seems like such a sweetheart- Kroy, her diva-bitchness has been on level 10! I mean, girlfriend even had the nerve to kick her own mother and father out of her house on her wedding day because they used the indoor plumbing! She wanted them to use the port-a-johns outside, like the rest of the guests. (O.o) #BitchPlease

Let's not even mention Sweetie {Kim's hired 'help'}.  After firing her, she brought Sweetie back on board so that she could help in the raising of her kids, run errands, and just basically be at her beck and call. Not unlike a slave.

You should've already known something wasn't right with that relationship {her's & Sweetie's}due to the way that Kim addresses her.  I've witnessed people talking to and treating their damn dogs better. Sweetie, who's obviously money motivated, doesn't seem to mind it one bit....which is truly sad.

Kim got mad as hell at the ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta after they exchanged words regarding the Anguilla trip.  After she stormed out of their lunch date, she actually let the words come out her mouth that "these bitches are not my friends, I don't know who these f#cking nigg@s are anymore".  Can't even say that I'm surprised but, ain't that a bitch?

Of course, Kim did what she does best- DENIED it! Listen for yourself;

 (Click to enlarge)
Kim Zolciak-Biermann@Kimzolciak

(Photo credit Twitter,; video courtesy of Bravo)

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  1. I heard it. You can hear the La- part before they bleep it out. She definitely said ladies!

  2. I couldn't hear the la all. I heard f#cking niggas. SMH