Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shaunie O'Neal Responds To Laura Govan's Comments On Last Nights BBW ReUnion Special, Calls Her "Trash" (Photos)

Honey.......did you see the Basketball Wives Reunion special on Vh1 last night? Those 'ladies' were doing thee absolute most! I don't know who pissed me off more, Michael Jackson Laura Govan and her obvious hate toward Jackie Christie, or Bambi -who is cool as a fan- but looked like every bit of a 5 cent whore. Humph.

Now who really threw me to the left was Gloria Govan Barnes, Laura's lil sis. She sat there looking like 'Casper' {in Bambi's voice}and commenced to let the words come out of her mouth the she, yes honey she, was the reason that Basketball Wives:LA even exists. #SitDownSomeDamnWhere

Apparently, that comment {which was repeated more than once}, rubbed a lot of us {viewers} the wrong way.  Evelyn Lozada #HatedIt and let it rip on Twitter.  Here is what she had to say;

(Click to enlarge)
Evelyn Lozada@EvelynLozada

That wasn't all. Shaunie O'Neal, decided to touch bases with Ms. Lozada and had a few choice words of her own. She retweeted Lozada and added this tasty lil tidbit;

(Click to enlarge)
Shaunie O'Neal@ShaunieOneal

Uh, oh....did she just call Gloria trash? Yes honey-she did that! Lmao. Betchu Gloria won't 'try it' again, now will she? Just messy....and we love it! Lmao

(Photo credit ru-crazy.com & Twitter)

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