Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oprah Visits Mitt Romney & Wife In Their Vacation Home (Photos)

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey took the time to meet up with presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife.  She visited the couple in their New Hampshire vacation home to discuss "family, religion, food and, of course, politics" in an interview for the November issue of O Magazine.

According to reports, Winfrey was "taken by the couples strong family vibe" and states that " cute little kids just seemed to pop out of every nook and corner" during her stay. (O.O) #ReallyOprah?  Mitt expressed to Oprah that "I do believe I'm going to win". He goes on to say, "I think in the debates we'll be able to get down to, what do you believe in, how can we help the country? And I think when we do that, we'll end up winning".

Winfrey knows damn well that she has a very strong following and a helluva influence on the American people.  In the best interest of 'the people', I really hope that she isn't endorsing Romney.  She also interviews our president Barack Obama and first lady Michelle in the same issue.  It can on the record that he {Obama}said, "I just want America to continue to be on the side of expanding justice and freedom and opportunity".  #WeWantTheSameThing
(photos courtesy of O Magazine)

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